Hello out there!


Welcome to Call me Suzie. You may call me Suzie. Head on over to the About page to find out more about me and what this blog will be about. Let’s jump straight into things and get some music pumping this fine Thursday. Or, if you are in my neck of the woods, this overcast and mizzling Thursday. Either or, here’s what comes up when I chuck my phone of shuffle:

Budapest – George Ezra (Wanted on Voyage) … one of my fave songs at the moment. Hard to believe he’s a skinny white 21 year old, with the voice that comes out of him, but there you go! And did you also know, if you punch in George into Google, George Ezra comes up first, closely followed by Clooney, Harrison, Foreman. Seems he is a popular young man in Google-world! Here’s the clip if you want to see it:

Before he cheats – Carrie Underwood (Some Hearts) … don’t do wrong by Carrie or she’ll key your car. And that would just suck.

Lazy song – Bruno Mars (Doo-Wops & Hooligans) … he’s not doin’ anythin’ today. Deal with it.

So, join in so I can find some new music. If you like head-banging/Marilyn Manson/slit-ya-wrists stuff, you can rest assured I won’t be helping your favourite artists to become the next music sensation by buying their songs. I’ll listen to it, just to see.. but… Anything else – I am pretty versatile with music 🙂

Put your phone on shuffle or take note of what’s playing on the radio and type it into the comments for Three Songs Thursday!

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