What’s your family’s fave past-time?


When a family can find something that everyone enjoys doing, it makes it all the more fun, don’t you think?

For us, it is heading out to the local dam. Water-skiing, knee boarding, and (for the kids) tubing. Our neighbours have a ski boat and in the summer we all head out for the day or to camp for a night or two.

campMy husband has skied all his life and quite frankly I get the shits watching him because he does it with such ease. I got up on doubles only a few times growing up… So when our neighbours got their boat about two years ago, it was double skis for me. However with the rest of the Grumpy (the boat!) crew on single skis, I took the plunge. And it is so much more fun than doubles, let me tell you! We each have our own ski and if the water if good, poor ole Grumpy doesn’t sit still in the water for much of the day.

Both the older kids started off on double skis, with a learner rope and bar between the skis. This keeps their legs together and if they fall off, the person holding the other end of the rope in the boat (instead of it being hooked to the back) lets go also. This way if the kid forgets to let go of the rope when they fall off, they don’t get dragged through the water until the boat stops. Having the learner ropes and bar gives the kid a huge confidence boost because a lot of the time they just pop right out of the water and off they go. I don’t know how many kids I have seen in the last couple of years who have done a lap on their very first attempt at skiing.

We went out to the dam for a day trip yesterday, and my boy who is 6 decided that after the last time when we had gone out, and he had skied without a bar OR learner rope, that this time he would have one proper ski and then try to get up on a single. Because it was just too easy last time apparently. Oh to have such belief in yourself!

Six year old with normal rope and no bar

Six year old with normal rope and no bar

alex skiing

Eight year old with normal rope and no bar

Anyway, he gave it a red hot go that’s for sure. He was not going to give up, and although he didn’t quite get it, I don’t think it will be too long before he works out this new balance on one ski and he is doing laps. As I was saying good night to him last night, he told me that once he can get up on a single, he is going to learn how to beach start rather than deep start in the water. I can’t even beach start yet (I’ve had one go. Yet to try again!), yet I have no doubt that he will probably work it out before me. Ha!

My big girl was happy to just have a go with the normal rope and no bar on doubles. I figure if and when she decides to give a single a go, she will let us know 🙂

And the littlest of the Grumpy crew? She had her first ski yesterday too, at 2.5 years old. There was much excitement when her and daddy came back in… “‘ki! Undecipherable word, ‘ki! ‘Ki! Undecipherable word, ‘ki!”

Dad and the tiniest Grumpy crew member

Dad and the tiniest Grumpy crew member

Does your family have something that all members enjoy doing? What is it?

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