Just Write Monday – Incognito


So, who’s up for a little writing exercise? Over in the sidebar to the left, you will see the word of the week and it’s definition – incognito. Limber up your writing or typing fingers and free write in relation to ‘incognito’ (let’s stick to up to 500 words). Below is my attempt; put yours into the comments section. Feedback is welcome (but be nice about it people).    


“Good morning, everybody.”

“Good morning, Miss Dee,” came the singsong reply. 

“We have a new class member joining us in 5B today. This is Thomas and he has come from Brisbane to live here. Everyone say hello please.” 

I want to shrivel up into a tiny ball as the class chants out, “Hel-lo Thom-as.” 

Do they seriously still do that baby stuff here? Bunch of rednecks out in the sticks, they forgot to stop that shit in Grade 3. Why I’m in this class I don’t know either. I should be in Grade 6 but the stupid principal thought I would be ‘better off’ in a lower grade.  

Mrs Marshal, my new carer, didn’t even come in with me this morning to the school. Dumped me at the front gate and left before I could even ask where I was meant to go. And then the principal didn’t even look at the papers in front of him when he asked my name. Before I even knew it, I was answering, “Thomas Jones.” I like the sound of it. Better than Will Brady. Or Willy like the kids in Brissie called me, laughing each time. Mr Patch took me to the classroom and said, “This is Thomas Jones, Miss Dee, he will be in your class from now on,” and left again. Like everyone else seems to in my shit life. 

So, I’m going incognito today – I learnt that word last week when I was watching the telly. Thought that it would be an awesome way to finally get away from all these people who don’t care about me anyway. I’ll just walk out of the school when lunch time comes and no-one will even notice until class goes back. Then they’ll be searching for Thomas Jones… Incognito. I like it. 

I sit down at my desk, and think suckers!

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