Word of the week: blueprint


Word of the week is blueprint, and you can find its definition in the sidebar. Below you will find my take on this prompt for Just Write Monday. Type yours into the comments section, and feel free to leave feedback. Have fun with the exercise!

Julia stood on the top step of the rickety ladder and glanced down. It may only be nine short steps but the way it was wobbling, she wasn’t going to risk standing there any longer. She pushed on the hatch that lifted into the attic and immediately started to cough from the dust sprinkling down on her. Closing her eyes for a moment Julia let the dust settle, then climbed the final step into the roof, eager to get off the ladder.

Turning on her torch she shone the dull beam around until she spotted a cord dangling from a small light in the ceiling. Stepping forwards, she kicked her toe on a long-forgotten suitcase that was starting to disintegrate. Julia treaded softly around it, now more careful of what may be laying around. Reaching the cord, she pulled on the end tassel, expecting the light to be long blown. It flicked on though, and cast a surprisingly bright light around the room. Shadows bounced off the walls and she thought, Where do I start?

Spinning slowly around, looking at the pieces in the attic – an old chair here, some cardboard boxes there, paintings and photographs, the suitcase – the suitcase! As good a place as any. Julia walked carefully towards it. What has Gran left in there?

She brushed a layer of dust from the top and delicately flipped the latches. Parts of the suitcase were starting to break off, so she lifted the lid with a gentle touch. She frowned as she stared down at what was obviously a set of blueprints lying on top of something else, which filled the entire space. She picked up the papers and read what was on the top of the first page: Mackalee Bank, 153 Gordon Lane, Dunstead, England.

Julia put the blueprints down and her heart caught in her throat as she gazed at the remaining contents of the suitcase. Holy moses Gran. Where did you get all of that bloody money from?

What have you got? Put it in the comments!

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