Heyyyy brother, there’s an endless world to re-discover…


We were at the bus stop a few minutes early this morning – as we are most mornings, I am a bit of an on-time freak – and so the kids helped me find the tunes for this Three Songs Thursday.

Hey Brother – Avicii (True) … this is quite a catchy dance song and I dare you to not sing and at least tap along when you listen to it. In Australia it managed 4x platinum and peaked at number 2 on the charts.

Hey Tonight – Credence Clearwater Revival (Pendulum) … an oldie but a goodie. Little bit of CCR never hurt anyone.

If This Is It – Newton Faulkner (Rebuilt by Humans) … when I hear ‘Newton Faulkner’ I think of a dreadlocked dude sitting on a chair singing Dream Catch Me. And in fact, these are the only two songs of his that I have.

So what is playing through your speakers today? Put the first three songs that you hear into the comments section, and some of us might find some new tunes to bop along to today 🙂

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