Sending out a mayday…


Apologies in advance for the lateness of this Three Songs Thursday post. I keep seeing all of these excited comments about school being back – but that must be down south, because we have until Monday. What happened to the 10 day holiday at Easter? We scored a 16 day break! Anyway. This has meant that  today I am smack in the middle of an intense UNO competition with my 6 and 8 year old – and the youngest is flogging us so far 350 points compared to my 51 and Miss A’s 77. I went easy on them the first round – you know, cards up, lets learn – and now they are picking on me. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. I am trying my hardest to outsmart with my reverse, skip, pick up two and wild cards, but I just am not doing well enough. Hmmm.

On shuffle today:

Black Box – Stan Walker (single Black Box) … This is the only song I have of his. It’s easy enough to listen to and easy to sing along to.

Fire on the mountain – Rob Thomas (Cradlesong) … Bonus track version on Cradlesong off iTunes. Catchy, but this should be expected from the Matchbox20 lead singer!

Easy Silence – Dixie Chicks (Talking the long way) … I saw these girls on their last tour to Australia (and I think this was part of their last ever tour as a group also?) and I was super excited. I was preggers at the time, so holy crap, around 9 years ago! Only downside? We were pretty much in the nosebleed section of the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and nobody dances or really gets into it when you are that far back. Bit of a letdown, but considering they were the only tickets left after I had been on the phone to Ticketek for half an hour… they had sold that fast… we still got to see them 🙂

So, tell me in the comments – what’s on the radio or your music shuffle today?

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