Five minute chocolate cake



This recipe is super simple and literally takes five minutes to make (well, the putting together bit anyway!). I have no idea where it originally came from before Mum, but I am fairly certain I’m not giving away a great family secret.

Mum taught both of my brothers and I how to make this, and even the boys can still rattle off the ingredients as a cooking mantra: “Butter, sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla, cocoa, flour.”

I cook this with my kids now too, and I always go through the ingredients with them once they are in the bowl, “Ok, got the butter?” “Yep!” “Got the sugar?” “Yep!” And at the end I pop something different on: “Got the coconut?” “Ye – NO!!” They think it is the funniest thing ever…


* 3 tab soft butter   * 1 cup sugar   *2 eggs   * 3/4 cup milk   * 1 tsp vanilla   * 2 & 1/2 tabs cocoa   * 1 & 1/4 cups SR flour


Chuck it all in a food mixer for 3 minutes. If you have used raw sugar, it won’t hurt to beat for an extra couple of minutes to make sure it dissolves. Bake in oven at 180 degrees.

If cooking in a cake pan (the round 20.5cm pans work well), it will take around 25-30 minutes. If making as cupcakes, it is around 15-20 minutes – check with your skewer, if it comes out clean it’s ready!

Top with your favourite chocolate icing and you’re good to go.


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