Just Write Monday: neglectful


Neglectful is the prompt for this week’s Just Write Monday exercise. Have a think about what you would like to write using the word of the week and pop it in the comments. See my attempt below and feel free to leave feedback.


Jodi wandered through the garden at a slow pace. There was grass mid-thigh high, or at least where it hadn’t died completely and been reduced to bare dirt yet. She was following some pebbles that would once have been a path but was barely recognisable now.

The house to Jodi’s right was a dilapidated fibro and there was hardly any paint left on the outside walls. She could see though that it had once been a light blue colour and in her mind it suited the house perfectly.

Someone hasn’t lived here for quite a while, she thought to herself. I wonder if I will be able to get inside later? She continued around the corner, still tracking along the ‘path’ and surveying her surroundings. Jodi’s keen eye spotted a wooden seat under a large gum tree – thriving under the circumstances – but the seat itself was starting to rot so she didn’t dare to take a rest on it for even a moment.

How neglectful! This place could actually look alright if it had been kept in repairs. As an urban explorer, Jodi lived for these moments – finding old houses or churches or even hospitals that had been abandoned and neglected and exploring their contents.

She spun on her heel and trotted towards the house. Time to get this show on the road! She reached the back door and tried the handle – stiff. Okay, let’s try a window then. She paused at one and she could see a small laundry inside. No way of getting in that one… next window. Jodi always tried to enter without making any damage and so if she could get in without breaking a window, it was always a bonus.

Peering through the next window, she attempted to see what was beyond the sheer curtains that were still hanging inside. Television… bookcase… couch… small table… Bones. Bones? Oh god, is that a skull?!

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