I’ll show you the wild side. Yeah right.


Following on from the weeks that were, we have had not quite two weeks of a sick toddler, consisting of constant temperatures, a terrible cough, snot everywhere, ear infections and a diet of Panadol, Nurofen, milk and water. Just lovely. Added to that, she has only wanted me, which is not overly conducive to getting anything done.

Even now, while I type this, she is on my lap with a notepad and pencil and occasionally trying to type as well. She is definitely on the mend though and eating more each day, so fingers crossed we are back to normal programming shortly!

I’ve missed Just Write Monday this week, however, I am going to catch up with the weekly music shuffle and call it Three Songs Thursday on a Friday just for today. Go with the flow people.

Up first! Die young – Ke$ha (Warrior) … I don’t mind a bit of Kesha to be honest. She doesn’t have that smooth polished voice that singers are expected to have. She’s a bit rough and everyday with some spunk.

Indian outlaw – Tim McGraw (Not a moment too soon) … time to get a bit’a country into y’all this morning!! Hardy har har.

Are you gonna be my girl – JET (Get Born) … this is the song that  I chose for us to walk into our wedding reception to. For no particular reason other than it has a bloody good beat I reckon!

So tell me, what’s playing on the radio now? Or on your phone? iPod? CD player? Put it in the comments and let’s get a new song list happening!

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