Just Write Monday – Impeccable


The weeks are flying by at the moment. We’re busy harvesting sorghum, and this means early mornings and late nights for the guys. Packed lunches and meals in the fridge for when they get home hours past dinner time. Quick hello’s in the morning and bleary eyed goodnights…

There has also been a trip to town so that one boy could get his cast removed. Five hour round trip and it wasn’t even x-rayed to make sure it was healed properly (which I presumed they would be doing). I found it quite bizarre and exclaimed that perhaps I could have removed it myself (it was only a soft cast – no need for the saw-thingy) or at least our GP. Grr. Anyway, it’s off and he is back to zooming around on his motorbike and bouncing on the tramp – he was told to still keep it easy for another 6 weeks… I laughed at them. Good luck with that idea!

So, it is back around to Just Write Monday and this week’s prompt is impeccable – the definition can be found in the sidebar to the left. Use your imagination and stretch the meaning to fit your own words. Pop it in the comments and feel free to comment on my take as well!


Margaret Elizabeth Allwood is a classy woman; she has impeccable style and exceptional taste in men. As Margaret Elizabeth Allwood walks down the street, she turns heads and other women mutter, “Cow,” under their breath while the men attempt to pop their eyes back into their heads.

Today, Ms Allwood is fashionably dressed in in what she calls her ‘power outfit’, red pencil skirt, white blouse and red high heels. Along with her impeccable style today, her ash blonde hair is pulled up into a tight bun, and Dior sunglasses are perched on her nose.

She struts down the street, hips swinging, Guess handbag swaying on her crooked elbow. Coming to a stop beside a Porsche convertible, the slim woman slips into the passenger seat before it roars away from the kerb.

Ms Margaret Elizabeth Allwood glances over at the driver and suppresses a shudder as she recognizes the look on his face. For the ten minutes that it takes to get back to his apartment looking over the river, she is wondering how to get out of this appointment. But she needs the money.

The sleek car pulls into the 3 bay garage and they both get out and start towards the door leading inside. “James” – she is not even sure that that is his real name – grabs her by back of the neck as they walk through an immaculate and spacious kitchen, and growls into her ear, “I am tying you up today Margaret, and you are going to enjoy it.” A tiny part of her knows that she should say she needs to leave now, but as she spots the white powder in lines across the bedside table as they enter the main bedroom, she knows that she won’t leave. Can’t leave.

What on earth would her father think, if he knew his sweet little Maggie was a high-end hooker, gripped by drugs and regularly getting roughed up by her clients. “He’d probably kick my impeccably dressed arse outside and tell me to never come home again,” Ms Margaret Elizabeth Allwood thinks as she snorts a line of coke, a tear forming in her eye, and as she feels James pulling her right arm abruptly towards the bed head.

Sit down for 10 minutes or half an hour – pump some words out using impeccable as a prompt, and put it in the comments!

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