Just Write Monday – prey


This week’s prompt for Just Write Monday – prey. Definition in the side-bar. Feel free to comment and place your own take on it in the comment section also. Happy writing 🙂


Thomas sat patiently in the back of the vehicle. He watched as his prey moved along the well-worn path seeking shelter from the pelting rain. He breathed in deeply and closed his eyes; the smell of the rain always brought memories of bouncing on the trampoline in the wet as a child. Sweet memories, that had no use in today’s events; he shook his head sharply and opened his eyes again, searching, always searching.

His target had moved from the path and was attempting to stay dry under a massive tree – it was no use in this weather. It was a futile attempt.

He nodded his head slightly to the driver in the front who was watching him closely in the rear-vision mirror. The car slid into drive and continued forward smoothly, Thomas’s prey being left behind. It had unknowingly been saved for today, the grey car quite unnoticeable just 20m away through the teeming rain.


They were only 100m ahead. Thomas turned around to peer through the back window. He couldn’t see a thing. “Turn around.”

As the vehicle made its way back to the tree, he knew he was exposing himself unnecessarily. But perhaps now was the opportunity he had been looking for.

They stopped at the tree. Nothing was there.

Thomas sighed. He had no desire anyway to get soaking wet just to serve the woman with whatever paperwork is in today’s envelope; he was relieved in fact. Tomorrow is a new day. He’ll find her then.

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