School holiday misconceptions – or mine at least!


Does anyone else enter into school holidays and think to themselves: “I am going to have so much time to get stuff done, it is going to be amazing!”


I do this four times a year. Once at Easter time, once in June/July, once in September and once at Christmas time. Anyone seeing a pattern here? And every single time I need to give myself a slap across the face.

Kids that need constant feeding, even though they get through a school day with four things in their lunchbox – FOUR. Siblings that go from being the best of friends to the worst enemies – “Mum, he looked at me!” and “Mum, she won’t play with me!”

Early mornings, even though on a school day the children struggle to get out of bed at 6.30am in order to get ready for the school bus. What is with this phenomenon?

I started these school holidays, imagining carefree days of sleep-in’s, blissful children playing harmoniously and entertaining themselves on occasion without constant stimulation from myself… you know?

The thing I most look forward to on holidays though is not having to drive to the bus stop or all the way into town (which is only half an hour, but still…) 10 times a week. Guess what happened this first week of holidays?

The first 6 days I had to drive somewhere each day! Some of this was my choice, the rest, just because (think: EOFY office shopping, Christening to attend, kidlet sleep-overs, vet appointment that required a sleep-over for the dog).

I’ve also had one and a half days in the office getting EOFY bookwork up-to-date before we head off next week for four nights away, but mainly before my mother-in-law heads off overseas for a few weeks after that. I know that we’re lucky in that we tend to keep fairly up-to-date already and so there wasn’t that much to do apart from dealing with the PAYG / group certificates and the fuel rebate. Now it is just a matter of waiting for the June accounts to come in so that they can be dealt with.

On the up-side to the second week of these holidays is that yes, we are off to a Big4 next week. It is an absolutely fantastic spot for the kids and in all of our travels over the last 5 years in our camper, it truly trumps in the kid department. Even though we much prefer our holidays to be that of the driving kind and seeing new things each day, this is perfect for when you only have a few days to fill. Another bonus is that we are heading off with great friends and I do believe a trivia night is on the first evening that we are there. Bonus!

So. How are these school holidays treating you? Are the kids behaving? Have they been out for sleep-overs? Had any at your house (we’ve had both)? How’s your office work going – set for the new financial year?

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