Yay for school… Yes? Or no?


I’ll start by asking, “What’s the weather like where you are at the moment?’ because that seems to be the million dollar question this week.

We got down to 1.7 degrees this morning and I think it is meant to get to a max of 22. Hubby just came home for smoko and declared that it’s a prick of a day outside due to the wind factor. I laughed – I’d not long turned off the heaters. The child in Grade One however, thinks he is superman and refuses to wear track pants to school – he makes do with just a jumper. Silly bugger.

Which brings me to the other momentous occasion that occurred yesterday. School resumed! Just a pity the necessary early start in the mornings has to coincide with a cold front – brrr.

It seems crazy to think that only a week ago some of us were swimming in a pool (“heated” to a balmy 27 degrees apparently – I skipped these dips) and also in the ocean at the beautiful Whitsundays. While the water was cool, once you were actually in, it was quite nice. It was the getting out into the wind bit, that was c-c-cold!

The second week of the school holidays proved to be much more relaxing than the first, and was a great way to slide back into the school routine – the kids were all still reasonably happy and not fighting too much.

Bring on the next 10 weeks of bus runs, homework battles and parent help!

How were your holidays?

What’s the weather like? Do you have snow?

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