Time for a quick, quiet moment…


Hi – a quick note to let you know that I’m still around! Everything got a bit crazy here for a while. We were delivering sorghum from farm to port for a few weeks, and when there were 5 trucks a day (some doing two trips) it got a bit hectic.

Since then, the flu decided to knock on our door and promptly knocked the three girls in the family down. Man, the headaches and temps that went with it! I thought my face was burning off last weekend. We seem to be on the mend from that again now, although we did have to cancel the littlest person’s 3rd birthday party, save infecting our friends with our diseases.

At least she is still small enough that she didn’t really realise she was missing out. We still had presents and cake on her actual birthday, just not the ‘big’ cake on the weekend with our friends. That’ll teach me for actually organising a party 3 weeks in advance, rather than deciding two days out that we’re going to have a BBQ and birthday cake for dessert.

I’ve been enjoying being a part of an online writers group, and receiving feedback on my work. I won’t lie, it was a touch intimidating to start, wondering how it all works and what other’s think of your writing, but it is definitely a welcoming and encouraging environment. Yay! So although I was a bit absent on here – I’m still writing. And working on my manuscript. Yeesh.

So how about you? What have you been keeping busy with? 

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