School is nearly back! Mum’s Australia-wide sigh with relief.


School holidays are starting to come to a close. Five days to be precise. Not that I am counting. Never.

There has been fighting. And then they play nicely together. And then they fight. And fight some more. And then they play nicely together. It’s a circle that never ends, it goes on and on my friend… 😉

There has been swimming. The pool water is still bloody cold, but that hasn’t stopped the two eldest kids most days. They get in and swim and shiver for a while and then hop out again. Craziness.

There has been harvesting of chick peas. Nearly all finished now, but also the reason we didn’t go anywhere these holidays like originally planned. But never fear, we are heading to NZ in a few weeks time! Ssh, don’t tell the Principal.

There have been visitors. One of my brother’s and his fiance came to visit for a couple of nights, which was lovely. The kids had an absolute blast with them which was a fantastic introduction into the holidays.

There has been illness. Only one child this time – the three of us girls all had it during term. Making it only my husband left to have not come down with it yet. Hopefully he misses it completely. These headaches and temperatures that are during the rounds are horrific, aren’t they?! Coop’s flu took hold while their cousin was visiting for a week, and so while it was great to have him here and the four of them able to see each other, we also sent him home to his parents newly infected…

There has been a short trip away. The kids and I had a trip to ‘the little big smoke’ to drop their cousin back to another aunty and also to get some shopping done. I think I can guarantee you that I will not be shopping with three children by myself for two days again in the near future. It wasn’t horrible and they weren’t naughty as such… they simply have a bit too much energy for shopping centres I think. However, we got what we needed and had spare time so I took them to the cinema for the very first time in their deprived life. Ha! Blinky Bill was the only kid option not in 3D (I’m sorry, but WTF? I can assure you that my 3 year old is not going to sit there for 90 minutes with those awkward glasses on) but it was a good little movie. We stayed with my other brother and were able to catch up with some friends as well. Not a bad couple of days really.

There have been sleepovers. With their cousin here, the kids alternated between our house and Nan’s house. There is one more sleepover tonight for one kid in town at a mate’s place and then that’s it for the holidays.

Tomorrow I’ll take the kidlets out to the dam for the day where our neighbours have already been since the start of the week. It will be a warm day so hopefully the water is pleasant! Maybe a ski or two? We’ll see. We all popped out for a weekend (gosh, it must be over a month ago now) and while the water had the initial “Holy shit, it’s freezing!” factor, once you were in it was fine. If that makes sense. It’s mainly the wind once you’re out again. Brr.

So, how have your holidays been? Fraught with fights? Well-behaved children? Did you go somewhere? 

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