What we’re all reading over the Christmas/NY break


In between reading Go Set a Watchman and my latest book (below), I’ve also managed to read Aussie author Peter Watt‘s latest in his Frontier series, Beneath a Rising Sun. It’s well worth the read and continues on with the Duffy/Macintosh saga – I’ll get to a review in the next little while!

I’ve quickly become engrossed in another Aussie author’s newest novel, The Lake House by Kate Morton. So far it is a splendid book at get caught up in when I should be doing other things! It’s a big one at 591 pages, but I’m already at 219 and keen to get back to it.

Clive Cussler‘s The Pharaoh’s Secret is being read by my husband, and it will go into my to-read pile once he’s finished!

At the moment, my boy has two books on the go: Book 3 (Lost) of The Crafters’ Club series by Louise Guy and The 65-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths. If you have kids that are obsessed with the game Minecraft, Louise’s series are a must-get and the six books will keep them busy for a while in these school holidays. We haven’t read any Andy Griffiths books before, and this first one is proving to be a hit – I’ll have to read it myself once he is finished!

My eldest daughter received a hardcopy of the classic children’s story Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White for Christmas and she is loving it. The littlest of the family is enthralled with her Peppa Pig books as well a new little owl book that was a Christmas gift. It was wonderful to find them in the same bed a few days ago all reading their own books quietly while the rest of the house slept. That, my friends, made my heart melt.

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