NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge… & more


I rarely – and by that I mean, very rarely – lay down for a sleep during the day. I find it takes me half an hour to go to sleep and then when I do finally get to sleep, I will CRASH. For hours. And then I wake up more tired than when I laid down to begin with. So I generally just don’t bother, and go to bed at a decent hour. Plus it is difficult to nap when there is a three year old in the house who has never been a big day sleeper, and prefers to nap in the car when we do the school run. Anyhoo.

I was procrastinating earlier, one kid was watching telly, another was writing a story on PowerPoint (as you do) and the other was floating around being a pest to the first two, and I thought, “I’ll just lay down for a minute”. I looked at the alarm – 2:13pm. At 2:25pm I was rudely awoken from my snooze by the smallest kid bouncing up onto the bed, lifting my right eyelid open (you know how they do it?!) and pronouncing “Sunting to EAT, mum.” All right then. At your service.

So. On to some writing info.

Who’s heard of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge ? Until today, I hadn’t. It was linked on Facebook in my writer’s group and I have since joined up. Essentially, an email is sent through at 11.59pm Friday 22nd January EST to everyone who registers before this time and we are placed in heats and given an assignment – 8 days to write (up to) 2500 words with a specific genre, subject and character. Judges then advance 5 writers from each heat through to the next round with only 3 days to write 2000; and from here 1500 words in 24 hours. Sounds like fun!

I am most interested in this competition due to the fact that whether you make it through to the second and final heats or not, every single story in all three heats will receive feedback from the judges. Plus there is a forum on the NYC Midnight site where you can upload your story for review from other participants. How cool is that?

In other writing news, I have finished editing my manuscript from the critiques that my writer’s group gave me. And so now, it is onwards with that. I am going to set myself a word count of a minimum 300 a day, to begin with, while I get back into the flow of it. And if I do more – bonus! This should see me finished by the end of the year… boy that makes it seem like a long time, but I know that I need to be reasonable with everything else that goes on in life with a farm and kids and all that jazz.

So… are you participating in the NYC Midnight SSC?

Do you set word limits when writing? Or maybe a time limit?



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