School’s back! Yes, yes it is!


So. School went back today. Are you a parent – how did you go? Cry at the school gate or leave the school skipping and laughing hilariously?

For my kids, they’ve started at a new school. We haven’t moved, just changed which direction we drive out the front gate now. They used to catch the bus 24.7 kms away, which continued on to school which was a further 18kms. But I worked out that by the time I came to town regularly for parent help, shopping, after school activities and so on and so forth, I wasn’t really saving myself many kilometres using the bus.

So now, we travel 32.5kms to get to the other school. A tiny bit further for me when I go in and out twice a day, but when I stay in – like today – it’s that little bit shorter all round. And my mother-in-law comes to town once a week for pottery, and has offered to do the school run on that day. Also, both neighbours on either side of us have already been going in our new direction for a few years… It just makes more sense for us, yeah?

My two weren’t worried about changing schools, which has saved a lot of heartache, as they both know enough kids at their new place that they weren’t going in ‘blind’ and knowing no-one. And the littlest has settled in extremely well into her new daycare.

Today has been an easy morning at drop-off, followed by some laps at the pool, coffee and an early lunch with some mates, and now I’m perched at a table in the air-conditioned library getting in three and a half hours of critiquing, blogging and writing before pick-up. Then we have to wait for an hour and a half before we can go to tennis sign-on and head home. A full day, but boy am I glad to be back into the routine of school.

PS. I may have been in the category of the mum in the meme above!

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