Book Review – The Mapmaker Chronicles series by A.L. Tait


The Mapmaker Chronicles is a great fantasy adventure series for primary-aged kids, written by A.L. Tait. The three books (Race to the End of the World; Prisoner of the Black Hawk; Breath of the Dragon) follow young mapmaker Quinn along with his Captain Zain, as they compete against two other crews to map the world in one year.

Each Captain has the chance to win the prize of their choice; Zain’s is to be freed from slavery if they are back first with the best map, while King Orel (who requested this campaign) promises a parcel of land to the winning mapmaker. As the youngest of his family, Quinn has no desire to travel the world and be away from his family for so long, but knows that the prize of land is too good to dispute. And anyway, he doesn’t have a choice!

The crew of the ‘Libertas’ confront many obstacles, but their determination and pluckiness is to their advantage in many situations, particularly when the Captain’s and crew of the other two boats don’t possess as many principles. But is their endurance enough to win this race?

This is an exciting series sure to capture the attention of both young and older readers alike. I enjoyed these books myself, and now the two older kids are keen to get stuck into them. Being able to have books that all members of the family can read and keep on the bookshelf make them a great investment, don’t you think?



Titles: Race to the End of the World; Prisoner of the Black Hawk; Breath of the Dragon

Author: A.L. Tait

Paperback: 256 pages each

Publisher: Hachette Australia

RRP: $14.99 each

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