It’s planting time!


It’s all happening here at the moment.

Remember, we finally had rain – yay! – and just so you realise how much rain we’ve had, I’ll show you exactly:

January – 4th: 22mm ~ 25th: 117mm ~ 28th: 14.5mm ~ 30th: 53mm ~ 31st: 1mm (JAN total: 201mm)

February – 1st: 19mm ~ 2nd: 5mm ~ 3rd: 20mm ~ 4th: 91mm ~ 5th: 61mm ~ 6th to 8th: 61mm ~ 9th: 4.5mm (FEB to date total: 261.5mm)

That’s an awful lot of rain, particularly for the majority of it to be in a block, so the kids managed 3 days off school due to being flooded in. We went for a canoe across our flooded flat, which is below our house:

If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the photo, you can make out the road. We canoed from there across to the bank on the other side and back again. It took us an hour for a 4km (approx) round trip. I was rooted by the time we got back. There were waves, and I pretty much paddled only on the left side all the way back, with my smallest child of 12.5kg in my lap. I didn’t need to go to the gym that day… The water is gone again now, just so you know.

And so, we are planting sorghum and corn – yay again! – and will do so until the end of February. Weeds and grass are being sprayed prior to the planter going through the paddock, and once planting is finished, the paddocks will be fertilised.

Busy on the farm front!

How much rain have you had lately?

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