Jet skis and tubes should be banned


This post is a public service announcement. It generally comes around quarterly, and is basically my “No, I’m not dead, it’s just school holidays” post.

How come my kids get 17 days over Easter when I only remember getting 10 days? Hmm?

So yes, Easter has come and gone. We had four days and nights at our local dam, spent skiing, kneeboarding and tubing. It was glorious glassy water on Thursday and the three adults who were out there early managed to get three ski’s in each that day. Just quietly, I’ll say it was splendid. The worst day on the water was Easter Sunday. Extra boats, a couple of jet skis and that water was only good for tubes. It nearly made the water-skiiers cry, because at the very end of the dam where fewer boats travelled, it was a slippery heaven of smooth water. Alas, to get there on a ski, it was nearly knees so bent your arse was just about touching the water to get over the waves. Sigh.

Hubby at the end of a lap

Hubby at the end of a lap

We arrived back home with exhausted children, parents just as tired, and too much chocolate left in the fridge. There were two nights for the kids to display their endearing qualities (just joking, they were back to scratching out each other’s eyes half an hour after getting home – after four days of nearly no fights) and then their cousin arrived with my sister-in-law. Sleep-overs, numerous swims, a cut-throat game of UNO and a motorbike ride for the boys has seen them end up a little tuckered out again. A quiet day today I think!



In the meantime though, there are still nine days left for them to truly get to know how to push each other’s buttons in just the right way to elicit a squeal (or slap) from the other. Joyous times.

Personally, I will be working on all three of my writing projects (pfft…), BUT, what I will also be planning is series of posts on how to run a successful fundraiser. In May 2014, I organised a fundraiser night in memory of my Dad, that raised money for the Leukaemia Foundation. We ended up with a grand total of $39,934, and I think that is a pretty bloody good amount for the small town that it was held in. There are some spectacular events held that raise even more moolah than what we did, but I learnt an awful lot in the twelve month lead-up to it, and think it is only fair to pass some of that knowledge along. I just need to work out a good order to put it all in!

How was your Easter? Did you go camping?

Have you assisted with or organised a fundraiser?

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