Book review: The Promise Seed by Cass Moriarty


I first came to know about this book via Twitter, and figured that due to the attention it was receiving, it would be worth the read. And boy, am I glad that I listened to those tweets!

‘The Promise Seed’ is the 2015 debut novel from Brisbane author Cass Moriarty; it was shortlisted for the 2013 Queensland Literary Awards (Emerging Queensland Author manuscript award).

It follows the story of neighbours, a young boy and an old man, and the friendship that grows between them. The old man has a past that he doesn’t share with anyone, whereas the boy has a life that leaves a lot to be desired and so he doesn’t willingly issue any information either. They have a simple friendship unwittingly tied together by their hidden secrets, and a love of chickens, gardening and chess. But can their alliance survive the awfulness that comprises the boy’s life?

This is a well-written and touching novel which delves into family environments that are not always pleasant. It shows us that a person’s history may only ever be what they tell (or don’t tell) others, and that assumptions are not always correct. ‘The Promise Seed’ is a poignant reminder that the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to people also.

I look forward to reading more from Cass Moriarty, and I always get a tad excited to discover a new author to follow. It’s a bonus that she is Australian also!


Title: The Promise Seed

Author: Cass Moriarty

Publisher: University of Queensland Press

Pages: 304 (paperback)

RRP: $29.95


Have you read ‘The Promise Seed’ yet?

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