Music for writing inspiration


Writers get their inspiration from innumerable sources. People-watching, listening to conversations, watching movies or reading books, listening to music… the list goes on and on.

The novel that I am working on originally came from a seed of an idea, after listening to ‘Even Though I’m a Woman‘ by Seeker Lover Keeper. In fact, my working title is ‘Travelling Salesman’ which is a theme throughout the song. I am now a long way from the original idea that I started with, but I love that it’s origins came from here:

And this is how I segue into a Three Songs post! There hasn’t been one for a while, and so I figure this is as good a time as any. What’s on your shuffle today? Or playing on the radio? Do you have MusicMAX or Triple J pumping? Give me some inspiration!

Lately, I’ve been going through my all CDs and rediscovering music that I enjoyed long ago:

Joshua Kadison, oh how your smooth, soulful voice gives me shivers. “Jessie” is his most popular song, from his debut album Painted Desert Serenade.  

Toby Keith. We need to include some country in this list don’t we? ‘Getcha Some‘ is a catchy tune and I dare you to not start humming ‘ooooh gotta getcha some, gotta getcha some, gotta getcha some, ooooh gotta getcha some… lurve.” Not too sure about Toby’s hair-do in this clip though…

Jeff Buckley’s version of ‘Hallelujah‘ is simply beautiful. His voice, the guitar… bliss.

So, please do tell – what music is on your shuffle or radio or telly right now?

What did you listen to today? 

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