It’s a writing detour, not writers block


I’ve hit a roadblock on my manuscript. And I’m not sitting there waiting patiently for the stop/go person to turn the sign around, I’m stuck with the electronic board that says ‘DELAYS OF UP TO 30 MINS, FIND ALT ROUTE’ and impatient drivers honking their horns. Except my delays have been more than thirty minutes now, it’s been 13 days since I have written anything specific to my manuscript. Ugh.

I know where I want my story to go, I know the general order in which I want things to happen, I know how I want my characters to behave, and yet… I’m not calling it writers block, just a temporary detour as I try to wrap my head around it. I think because I can see the faults in it, I don’t want to keep writing words that I know will get deleted later on. And I know that I should just write and not worry and not self-edit as I go, but I think I’d rather fix my problem before I continue. Yes?

In the meantime though, I do have other writing bits and pieces to keep me going:

  • There has been the latest #JustWrite prompt.
  • Anthology piece – the first draft is done and dusted. I have critique comments from my writer’s group and also my brother that I now need to go and make use of in my edits.
  • A new monthly exercise for my writing group due next Sunday.
  • As of the 1st August, I’m doing a 5 week online ‘Copywriting Essentials’ course through the AWC.
  • Romance Writers of Australia conference in Adelaide in August – 3 full days of workshops, networking and hopefully, lots of fun!

Of course, I’m not giving up on my novel. I think about it every day and I’ve started making dot-points of my chapters so far, and can already see some issues cropping up. So maybe once I’ve done that, I can do a bit of plotting and make it through my writing detour a bit quicker!

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