Seven experiences in six weeks


I’m not exactly sure where the last six weeks have gone. It’s been a blur of activity, but I think things are starting to fall into a bit of a rhythm again. Here’s what’s been going down…

One. It all started with attending the 25th annual Romance Writers of Australia ‘Ain’t Love Grand’ conference in Adelaide. It was fantastic – excellent speakers and presenters, a fab cocktail party and a glamorous gala dinner, and of course some new writing friends and contacts. I have so many notes and pieces of paper from the different workshops, but I am yet to put them in some kind of order. It’s on my to-do list.

Two. The fun that was #RWAus16 came to a grinding halt on the Sunday afternoon when I had a phone call from home. My plans to go out to dinner with a new mate before flying home the next morning were cancelled while I changed my flights to get in earlier (apparently the insurance you click ‘yes’ for when buying flights doesn’t cover the cost for flight changes, nor does a crying blubbering mother emit any sympathy from the person who is on the other end of the line happily charging your credit card to do so) to get to my son who was in ICU after being air-lifted to hospital 2.5 hours from home.

clouds - white clouds - flying - blue skies

Fun times. Anyway. So apparently, if the throttle gets stuck on a motorbike and you are going down a gravel hill and around a corner at the same time, it is possible you will go end-for-end over the handlebars and you will rupture your spleen… as my son did, landing him two nights in ICU followed by another six nights in the paeds ward. Staying immobile for the first five days with a grade 3-4 rupture is mind-numbling boring for a nearly eight year old, I’ll just let you know quietly. And I never realised quite how out of whack your body gets when you haven’t been allowed to sit up for five days – wobble wobble on little legs he went when finally permitted to get up and walk around.

The hospital visit was followed by another week off school {Think: daily Monopoly games that sometimes went for a couple of hours, until one or the other went bankrupt…} He had a check up ultrasound last week and it looks like a normal spleen again and the internal bleeding has gone. But. Just as were his instructions when we left hospital (no risky activities for three months in case he gets a knock to his guts and it ruptures again), this means he still has another two months of no playgrounds, tramps, contact sports, running and definitely NO BIKES. He’s being surprisingly restrained, but it is difficult. And, you know, school holidays…

Three. I finished the Copywriting Essentials course and I’m now in the process of learning about the business side of copywriting. I loved learning about it, and considering I actually have a degree in Business (Marketing), it was nice to get back into something marketing related. This is a whole other post on its own, for another day.

Four. In terms of the anthology, after numerous edits from my group’s comments, I sent my piece off to the editor. That has come back, and I’m pretty happy with it. Nothing major needs changing and it has all been an exciting process. I think I’ve learnt more from the editing side of things over the last couple of months than anything else before.

Five. On the manuscript side of things, I gained some clarity with it (finally!) at the conference, and am ready to sit down and attack it. There will be some major changes and probably an entire re-write of the first 40,000 words, but I’m okay with that. This also leads to a pretty exciting adventure in July 2017 (and back in South Australia), but as it is still so far away I am going to wait until the New Year to announce exactly where I’m off to.

Six. What else has happened… oh, very important! My youngest brother got married to a pretty awesome gal, so that was a lovely highlight last weekend. All three siblings are now married off, and according to my mum in her speech, the spouses aren’t allowed to give us back. I’m cool with that 😉

wedding rings - engagement rings - diamonds - gold - white gold - silver

The wedding bands of my family – mum, me, two brothers

Seven. Finally, in terms of the farm, all the corn and sorghum has been harvested and they are nearly finished the earlier wheat. It has been hot here the last couple of days, so the chick peas are ripening very quickly and it won’t be long before they are being taken off also.

I think that just about covers my exciting life for the last little while. The #JustWrite September prompt wasn’t forgotten, it simply didn’t rate in importance with everything else that was going on! It will be back in October 🙂

So tell me… Has everything been going smoothly at your place lately?

Or have there been a few bumps along the way? 

Do you have kids who are home for school holidays?







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