Sueanne Gregg Image credit: Melissa Macklin Photography

Sueanne Gregg
Image credit: Melissa Macklin Photography

To start with, I guess, my name: Sueanne Gregg

You can call me Suzie, Sue, Sue-Ellen, Suzanne or even Selene. I have been called all of these over the years and will generally answer to all.

I have always enjoyed writing. From an early age I was going to be an author, and while my dreams may have slightly changed in the following years (while at school I was going to be a teacher/accountant/marketing guru, and so I completed a Bachelor of Business [Marketing] degree which was promptly followed by children and marriage) that original vision has always stayed with me in the recesses of my mind and come back with a vengeance.

Since having children, I have grown more determined to be a writer and to one day be published, no matter how long this may take. I’ve participated in three courses; two online creative fiction programs and a day course focusing on children’s picture books. While I did write a children’s story and sent it off to publishers after having an editorial consult, I realise now that I still did everything much too quickly and didn’t do my homework properly. I know now that I made many mistakes and to be patient with both my writing and everything else that comes with this territory.

My current novel-length manuscript is classified as commercial women’s fiction. I am a member of an online writers group and we are putting together an anthology with the theme of ‘New Year’. For this, my short story is young adult with a bit of a scary twist – let’s hope I can pull it off. I am also a member of the Romance Writers of Australia and the Sisters in Crime Australia groups.

In terms of ‘me’ aside from writing: I live on a grain property in Central Queensland with my husband Nigel and three cheeky kids. Along with Nigel’s parents, we grow sorghum, wheat, maize and chickpeas. Our animals include one cat named Zena and one dachshund named Frankie. There are no cows or horses, ducks or geese around here. My mother-in-law has chooks so we are always in fresh eggs though! My in-laws also have a Labrador puppy called Jasmine and it’s lucky she’s cute, with the amount of things she chews.

I read – A LOT. Maybe too much sometimes! But surely that isn’t possible, so I’ll continue to read copious books. And as a member of my local book club, I have an even better excuse to read.

I love to waterski after learning to get up on a single ski a few years ago (before that, I could ski on doubles, but was happy to take it or leave it – the absolute thrill of being on a slalom ski is unbelievable). I also enjoy being with friends and family, taking our camper out and about, and the peacefulness of living out of town.

This site is going to be exploring:


  • The challenges of getting my manuscript out of my head and into written form, in between kids, school and life in general. I will keep you updated on my progress, research, and word count. Here’s to being held accountable!
  • How things are going with my story for the group anthology.
  • What I’m learning about writing and publishing and everything in between.
  • #JustWrite exercise – on the first Wednesday of every month, I will post a prompt and then free-write up to 500 or 800 words (depending on my mood!) and post it. Put yours in the comments also.


  • What I am currently reading.
  • What we are reading in book club.
  • Book reviews of those I enjoy – I will be busy enough with these, without writing about those I don’t appreciate!


  • Farm gossip.
  • Camping and waterskiing adventures.
  • Recipes of the food I adore.
  • Tunes I love to listen to.


To keep up-to-date with all of the latest posts, please remember to subscribe by email or RSS in the menu links!

Feel free to contact me if you want to have a chat:

Email: sueannegreggwriter (at) gmail (dot) com

Twitter: @geesuzie

Facebook: Sueanne Gregg Writer

Instagram: @sueannegreggwriter



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